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Certificate in Digital MarketingCertificate in Digital Marketing

This is the most preliminary level certification offered by APIDM.

As  a foundation  course, this Certificate in Digital Marketing course has been carefully designed to meet the expectations of Marketing, IT and other business professionals as well as students and school leavers who plan to develop their career in Internet Marketing. This 20 hours course effectively cover all key aspects of  modern digital marketing which help to form a strong foundation for the advanced digital marketing concepts such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics etc. This course consists of a right balance of strategic and tactical eMarketing topics with the right depth and breadth one can expect from a certificate level course.

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Professional Diploma in Digital MarketingProfessional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a certification program introduced by for the practicing digital marketing professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in digital marketing. This course is expected to fulfill a longstanding need in this sector where experienced emarketing practitioners who want to validate their knowledge can do so with the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) status offered by APIDM, while potential employers can rely on it as a standard in their recruitment process. This course and certification also aim to provide a theoretical as well as practical knowledge to those who just started or plan to start their career in the fields of eMarketing, eCommerce and eBusiness Management.

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Advanced Diploma in Search and Display MarketingAdvanced Diploma in Search & Display Marketing

Search Marketing, as one of the key elements in the eMarketing communication mix, is playing a vital role in driving highly targeted visitors to a website. Search marketing roles have become highly demanded positions today in the digital marketing space mainly because of the expertise and skills required to plan and execute a successful search marketing campaign. Right balance of marketing skills, analytical skills and technical exposure is required to become a successful search marketer.

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Advanced Diploma in Social Media MarketingAdvanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Social Media, as some believe, is the biggest shift taking place in the word since the industrial revolution. There is no doubt that these social media channels can be effectively used for brand building, loyalty marketing, customer service, PR, crisis management and in all possible other business applications. Over the last few years the attention paid for Social Media Marketing by companies has heightened significantly. Marketing departments all over the world are looking for qualified Social Media Marketing professionals.

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