Social Media for HR Professionals

Social media is a powerful tool to help HR professionals to reach their objectives. HR professionals can easily leverage social media to reach prospective candidates, upload job vacancies, filter candidates, and improve employer branding. It’s a great tool to build relationships and reach out to talented candidates who may not even be actively looking for a new position.

Social media has become an incredibly valuable aspect of recruiting efforts, both for relationship building and to identify and filter top talent.

With an ever-widening gap of knowledge about the best use of social media in the HR industry, Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing (APIDM) has designed this one day workshop to upskill practicing human resource professionals for social media.

For Whom

Who should consider following the workshop?

This workshop is recommended for HR executives and HR Managers in both, private sector and government sector organizations. Human Resource Management undergraduates can benefit by this course as it helps enhance their skills in Social Media.

We further recommend this workshop for entrepreneurs or managers of more than 10 employees in any business discipline.

Course Outline

Course Duration :

Module Title Allocated Hours
1 Introduction to Social Media N/A
2 Social Media as a professional networking tool N/A
3 Uses of Social Media in HR N/A
4 Improving your Personal LinkedIn Presence N/A
5 Blogging, Microblogging and Vlogging for Personal Branding N/A
6 Social Recruiting & Background Checks N/A
7 LinkedIn Jobs N/A
8 Facebook Jobs N/A
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