Did you know? Universal Analytics (the older version of google analytics) will stop processing new hits in July 2023. Now is the right time to upgrade to Google Analytics 4 and get your Google Analytics skills in check!

For Whom

Who should consider Following the Google Analytics Bootcamp?

This course is encouraged for digital marketers, business performance analysts, marketing managers, web developers, eCommerce professionals, online entrepreneurs, finance analysts, operations analysts, and data analysts who are already using Google universal analytics.

Course Duration : 12 Hours

Module Title Allocated Hours
1 Fundamentals of Google Analytics 4 -
2 Google Analytics 4 Setup: Part 1 Core and Admin -
3 Google Analytics 4 Setup: Part 2 Events, Conversions, eCommerce -
4 Google Analytics 4 Reporting: Part 1 Standard Reporting -
5 Google Analytics 4 Reporting: Part 2 Advanced Reporting -
6 Other Key Considerations UI Configurations, Custom Dimensions and Metrics -
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