Corporate Training Programs

Understanding the unique needs of different organizations, APIDM is offering a set of tailored or custom made corporate training programs for business organizations who wants to improve their digital marketing capabilities. Going beyond the topics covered in our public training workshops, APIDM will first study the exact requirements of your company before designing the perfect training solution for your staff.

These corporate training sessions may include one-day training workshops for your internal staff, or longer term training programs at deeper level.


1. Analysis and assessment

We will first study your organization’s current approach to digital and social media marketing and then outline the areas needs to be developed. Based on such identified areas to be improved, we will custom design a training module for your organization. Training will be delivered in class room sessions with specific practical case studies taken from your own business operation, making it much more relevant for the participating companies.

2. Training and Curriculum Development

Our unique training and curriculum development methodology seamlessly blends the frameworks that are used in the corporate training industry. This development will be done with the client’s objectives and needs in mind, bringing real creativity to the table when it comes to delivering effective training and curriculums.

3. Approval and implementation

Once we have developed your training, we will share the areas and the content that we will be covering in our program. When your feedback is fully incorporated, we will then establish a schedule for rolling out the training and set benchmarks for completion. The training will begin consequently.

4. Evaluation

All training packages that we design also includes an evaluation component. In addition to evaluating your employees’ learning through testing and one-to-one assessment, we also ask you and your staff to evaluate us by asking some key questions such as Did the training meet your expectations? or Did it solve a specific problem or problems? or if there is anything that could have been done better?.

APIDM Corporate Training

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