Digital Entrepreneurship Program

Internet and Digital technology has risen at a rapid pace over the course of the past two decades. This has paved way for bringing down the entry barrier that is required to set up a successful business. Thanks to this, the dream of starting your own business isn’t as impossible as it once was. This course is specifically designed for budding entrepreneurs to be well versed and equipped in the knowledge and skills of building their business dreams and translating that dream into a successful reality. This course will guide you to help identify the correct niche to set up an online business that suits your skill level.

For Whom

Who should consider following the course?

This course is designed for any individual who wants to start up their own online business. If you have a burning desire to establish your own business, have the passion to work tirelessly for yourself, and commit to learn, take action, and grow, then this is all you need to attend this course.

Course Outline

Course Duration :

Module Title Allocated Hours
1 Ignite your passion N/A
2 Alternative options for starting an online business N/A
3 Define your territory N/A
4 Testing and developing your business idea N/A
5 Raising capital for your business N/A
6 Registering a business and other legal requirements N/A
7 Support services and other resources N/A
8 Starting an eCommerce business N/A
9 Execution of your plan N/A
10 Marketing your online business N/A
11 Sustaining the success N/A
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