Agile Marketing Leadership

State of consistency is the secret of success in the Marketing world. Rapid changes in technology and numerous innovations could prompt people to shift their expectations abruptly. Agile Marketing enhances the ability to keep up the pace in the dynamic business environment.

Upon the successful completion of this programme, you will be able to;

  • Thriving in Digital Age by responding & Adapting to Changes of Marketing Teams
  • Deliver Customer Centric Outcomes
  • Adaptive Planning & Prioritizing for high impact activities
  • Forming High Performing Agile Marketing teams
  • Adapting, responding & accelerate time to market
  • Transforming your marketing team to Agile
  • For Whom

    Who should consider Following the Agile Marketing Leadership course?

    This course is encouraged for business leaders, functional heads, managers and executives who aspire to respond quickly to changes in the market by developing agile teams that are small, self-sufficient and notorious for speed.

    Course Outline

    Course Duration : 18 Hours

    Module Title Allocated Hours
    1 Introduction: Welcome to Agile Marketing. 1 Hour
    2 Why Agile Marketing? 2 Hours
    3 Introduction to Agile Marketing Framework. 2.5 Hours
    4 How to Deliver Customer Centric Outcomes? 3.5 Hours
    5 How to Form High Performing Agile Marketing Teams? 2 Hours
    6 How to Respond & Adapt and Go to Market Faster? 2.5 Hours
    7 How to Achieve Team Productivity & Tangible Results Frequently? 2.5 Hours
    8 How to Discover, Transform & Sustaining Marketing Agility? 2 Hours
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