Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (Online)

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a program introduced by the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing (APIDM) for the practicing digital marketing professionals in Sri Lanka to enhance their knowledge and skills in digital marketing. This course is expected to fulfill a longstanding need in this sector where experienced emarketing practitioners who want to validate their knowledge can do so with the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) status offered by APIDM, while potential employers can rely on it as a standard in their recruitment process. This diploma course and certification program also aim to provide a theoretical as well as practical knowledge to those who just started or plan to start their career in the fields of Digital Marketing, eCommerce and eBusiness Management.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, the most demanded professional qualification in Digital Marketing in Sri Lanka, is now just few clicks away!

➤ 100% Virtual Classes with access to class recordings till the course completion.

➤ Real-time live classes with direct interaction with the resource person.

➤ Access to pre-recorded learning materials on contemporary topics.

➤ Hands-on practical sessions using virtual break-out rooms.

➤ Super fast connectivity and crystal clear sound.

➤ Exams and assignments administered online.

For Whom

Who should consider Following the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course?

This course is encouraged for practicing digital marketing professionals with a minimum one year experience in eMarketing, eCommerce, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing or any other Digital Marketing related field.

The course is also suitable for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to set up their online marketing activities in-house.

Course Outline

Module Title Allocated Hours
Know Digital Pillar
1 Introduction to Marketing and Digital Marketing 3
2 Scope of Digital Marketing 3
3 Research Tools for Digital Marketing 3
Think Digital Pillar
4 Digital Ecosystem 6
5 Visibility & Engagement Planning 4.5
6 Performance Marketing Planning 9
Do Digital Pillar
7 Social Media Marketing 21
8 Search Engine Marketing 12
9 Display Advertising 10.5
10 Campaign Tracking and Analytics 8
Other Content
* Bonus Lessons: Content Marketing / Influencer Marketing / Chatbots / IoT 14
* Dedicated time for open discussions with resource persons 9
* Additional Video Lessons 18
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