Modern Sales Mastery Program

As a sales professional, you might have realized that connecting with hard-to-reach, time-poor yet educated, and modern buyers is quite challenging in Digital Era. In a time dominated by tech-savvy modern buyers, it is crucial to equip yourself with modern sales techniques to effectively navigate your prospects through the conversion funnel. Technology and consumer habits have changed significantly demanding a shift in the sales landscape to best connect with the prospects in Digital Era.

The Modern Sales Mastery Program offered by the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing aims at providing actionable and result-driven training to upskill Sri Lankan sales professionals for leveraging Digital platforms to prospect more efficiently, engage and connect better with modern buyers.

This program will support sales professionals to adopt modern selling techniques and best utilize the modern sales tools available, which will quickly fill up the sales pipeline and effectively turn them into actual conversions.

For Whom

Who should consider following the Modern Sales Mastery Program?

This course is encouraged for sales professionals including sales associates, sales executives, sales managers, financial advisors, financial planners, insurance agents, or any professional with a sales background who wishes to upgrade their sales strategy to modern selling.

Course Outline

Course Duration : 11 Weeks

Module Title Allocated Hours
1. Introduction to Sales in Digital Age Under this module, you will learn about the traditional Vs. modern marketing, mapping the customer journey through the marketing & sales funnel and fundamentals of inbound marketing to draw the attention of new prospects. 3 Hours
2. Mastering Modern Sales Under this module, you will learn how to identify your purpose and enhance your credibility as a sales professional in the Digital Age while developing the most compelling sales proposals to convince your prospects. Further, you will be able to improve on your selling and persuasion skills coupled with the latest sales management and negotiation techniques that are crucial for closing a deal with modern-day buyers. 7.5 Hours
3. Personal Mastery and Self Leadership Under this module, you will learn how to develop a success mindset as a sales professional while working on boosting your personal brand which will help you sell yourself via both Digital and Non-Digital platforms. 9 Hours
4. Soft Skills for Modern Sales Professionals Under this module, you will learn new tools and platforms to master your time management skills and effective email & telephone etiquette that will help connect with modern prospects better than ever before. 4.5 Hours
5. Digital Leadership for Modern Sales Professionals Under this module, you will get comprehensive training on the effective utilization of Digital platforms and CRM tools that will help you optimize the overall conversions. 7.5 Hours
Total Hours 31.5 Hours
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