30 Jul 2020

Webinar | Insights Driven Enterprises

Today, real-time data empowers critical decision-making and the intelligence of business organizations are measured by its capability to drive actionable insights. Any business organization that maximizes the value of insights and treats it as an asset will outperform their competitors. It offers the potential of solving industry problems, generating efficiencies and ultimately initiating successful deployments to transform business processes. Most organizations have come to a realization that if they capture all the data that streams into their businesses, they can take effective decisions faster, stay agile and most importantly, give the organization a competitive edge over its competitors.

We at APIDM conducted a free webinar on 30th July 2020 with the purpose of raising awareness among Sri Lankan businesses on how to harness valuable business insights that will enable smarter business moves, higher margins with a satisfied clientele and more efficient operations. The webinar was conducted by partnering with Zone24x7 Pvt Ltd and the session was facilitated by a panel that consisted of industry experts such as Nuwan Weerasinghe - Senior Manager - Business Design at Zone 24x7, Chanaka Kaluarachchi - Software Architect at Zone 24x7 and Hansa Perera - Associate Architect - Data Science at Zone 24x7.

It was a wonderful learning session with many insights shared by the panel, particularly on increasing the volume of data and transferring them into measurable business value, gaining lasting competitive advantage by using existing data assets, delivering futuristic insights over retrospective insights, structure of a big data analytics solution and its components and the feasibility of practically deploying these solutions by Sri Lankan businesses at any scale, etc. We believe that the audience had an amazing time in learning how to utilize advanced data analytics to drive their business excellence and enable strategic, real-time decision making.

Webinar Recording: Insights Driven Enterprises

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