26 May 2020

Webinar | Influencer Marketing

An influencer is someone who can convince others to do something, which they themselves do. In a world dominated by social media, influencer marketing is one of the best ways for brands to create conversations with their audiences online. Since consumers trust the content and recommendations of their preferred influencers, brands opt to invest in influencer marketing in order to stimulate serious engagement and conversations around the brand or product with their target audience.

With the purpose of educating marketing professionals on how better to utilize their influencer marketing strategy, we conducted a free webinar on “Influencer Marketing” on 26th March 2020 and the session was facilitated by Ms. Minoli Almaida - Marketing Communication Consultant (Singapore). The discussion revolved around the importance of influencer marketing as a promotion and how it helps in creating online buzz about the brand while strengthening the brand reputation. Further, she shared her experience on how to select influencers who fit best for your brand, the best influencer marketing platforms for finding social influencers, key criteria for selecting an influencer, the limitations of influencer marketing, solutions and most importantly, how to measure the ROI in influencer marketing.

It was an insightful session which educated the participants about the best practices in influencer marketing and how to keep improving the quality of the influencer marketing efforts, which will stimulate positive customer engagement around the brand, convincing the potential customers for more purchases.

Webinar Recording: Influencer Marketing

This webinar recording is accessible exclusively by invitation only. Click here to request access.

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