27 Feb 2020

Webinar | How to Monetize Your Online Content

How to make money from content has been a quite a trending topic nowadays, especially among marketers and content creators. The digitization widely affected content creation, distribution and consumption. Today’s content creators are highly focused on producing content that would pay them back and that’s where content monetization strategies come into play.

APIDM conducted a free webinar on 27th February 2021 on “How to monetize your online content – A practical guide for bloggers and content creators” with the intention of educating Sri Lankan content creators on some of the best monetization strategies to make money by developing online content.

The session was facilitated by Umair Woild – the Vice President Marketing at DigitalX Pvt Ltd, who is also known as a speaker, passionate marketer, digital coach and corporate trainer on subjects such as Digital /Social media and Content Marketing. As marketers, you may be using content as a marketing tool to help sell a product or service. During the session, Umair stressed the fact that many content creators have been able to attract thousands of followers or regular readers while creating a niche for themselves. However, they have not figured out how to maximize the monetary value of each piece of their content. Further, he discussed about a wide range of content monetization options available in addition to content monetization tips while being more specific to the Sri Lankan context.

We at APIDM are glad to host such a wonderful learning session for everyone with a very enthusiastic audience who actively gave their opinions and asked questions and clarifications to adapt their content monetization strategies in line with the rapidly changing media consumption patterns of their recipients.

Webinar Recording: How to Monetize Your Online Content

This webinar recording is accessible exclusively by invitation only. Click here to request access.