26 Nov 2020

Webinar | How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for 2021 & Beyond.

Content marketing still plays a critical role in any organization’s marketing strategy and this isn’t about to change in 2021 and beyond. With these changing times and content-hungry customers, it is really challenging for businesses to stand out from the competition due to the content clutter. These days, almost every business is more focused on producing and getting their brand specific content noticed by their intended targeted communities. Hence, it is important for any organization to seek and explore new ways and cope up with new trends in order to produce quality content that customers are actually looking for.

Having considered the importance of educating Sri Lankan content creators on how content creation would evolve in the years to come, Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing (APIDM) conducted a webinar on “How to Create Successful Content Marketing Strategy for 2021 & Beyond” on 26th November 2020. The session was facilitated by Pinja Virtanen, Content Marketing Manager at Supermetrics, who has years of expertise in content marketing for renowned brands.

She aligned her knowledge sharing mainly on an actionable 3-step framework for creating or updating an effective content marketing strategy, a handful of successful content marketing examples from a variety of verticals and templates for researching, building, and documenting a content marketing strategy that’s going to get results. Further, she brought best industry examples into the discussion to convince the audience on how to draft a successful content marketing strategy that matches the current time and audience. She gave more valuable insights into the areas such as how to align your content marketing strategy with the overall marketing goal, defining the primary audience, deciding upon content formats as well as publishing channels and how to measure the success of the overall content marketing effort. Moreover, she shared her opinion about new content marketing trends and tactics for content planning that would stick around the year 2021.

Webinar Recording: How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for 2021 & Beyond

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