25 Sep 2020

Webinar | Growth Hacking Post COVID-19

As we are living in the post-COVID-19 times, we will be facing a massive growth dilemma with fewer resources, aggressive competition and more uncertainty. Growth hacking is a self-taught skill that helps rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development in order to spot the most effective and efficient ways to scale up a business.

APIDM conducted a free webinar on 25th September 2020 on “Growth Hacking Post-COVID-19: Optimising Conversion Funnel” in order to educate Sri Lankan business owners and marketing professionals on utilizing growth hacking as a tool to boost their sales that would multiply the profitability during these uncertain times. The webinar was facilitated by two industry experts, Pratik Renuse who is a growth hacker, consultant for Fortune 500 & a Tedx speaker and Shaad Hamid who works as the head of Growth Marketing for Southeast Asia at Growth Ops.

The webinar was mainly focused on topics such as how to make the best out of limited marketing budgets by using more sophisticated tools, how to focus on investing in critical and no-regret skills, use of different frameworks to set priorities straight, conversion context experimentation, etc. Further, the resource panel shared their knowledge and expertise coupled with real world examples for the audience to easily grasp the learnings and it turned out to be a highly interactive webinar with a live Q&A session.

Webinar Recording: Growth Hacking Post COVID-19

This webinar recording is accessible exclusively by invitation only. Click here to request access.