29 Oct 2020

Webinar | Building A Profitable Sales Funnel

Sales funnel visualizes each step that a potential customer would take until he becomes an actual customer of your business. Most importantly, the sales funnel helps business organizations to understand and visualize their sales processes and effectively measure the overall sales conversion success from top to bottom of the funnel, further allowing them to increase the lifetime of their customers.

Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing (APIDM) conducted a webinar on the topic of “Building a Profitable Sales Funnel” on 29th October 2020 from 7.30PM – 8.30PM with the intention of educating the Sri Lankan business community on how to create an effective sales funnel, which would serve them as a useful framework to visualize each step of the customer journey from the moment of awareness up until the moment of buying decision. The webinar was conducted by Sonal Jayawickrama, CEO of Morpheus Digital Services (Pvt) Ltd who enlightened the participants with his years of experience and knowledge gained as a Digital Success Specialist, Data Analysist and Growth Mapper.

During the session, Sonal discussed the importance of having a pre-designed sales funnel, different stages of the sales funnel, customer profiling, analyzing the user behaviour at each stage and creating customized value propositions for re-marketing efforts, tactics at conversion stage and building long-term customer loyalty. The audience was highly engaged during the session and they raised their concerns and questions while sharing their opinion and experience related to the topic. We at APIDM are glad to host this event to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the Sri Lankan business community that help them deploy highly-effective sales funnels which will facilitate them to maintain the growth of their conversion rate in the long run.

Webinar Recording: Building A Profitable Sales Funnel

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