03 Oct 2019

SYNC-UP COLOMBO September 2019

Growth hacking is one of the most popular methods that focuses on experimenting across multiple marketing channels as well as product development trends in order to identify the most effective and efficient ways of achieving a rapid business growth. Hence, it as an effective tool used by marketers, business professionals and startup owners to scale up their businesses swiftly and to attract more customers over competitors as fast as it could be done through viral marketing, customer acquisition and retention. Moreover, it is both a sustainable and a cost effective method.

SyncUp Colombo October Meetup was held on 03rd October 2019 from 7.00 p.m to 8.30 p.m at the APIDM premises and the topic for the day was “Growth Hacking 101”. The discussion was facilitated by Mr. Kalana Meneripitiya, an industry expert and a trainer in digital marketing who currently serves as the Growth Marketer of Fipbox. The session covered a 360 degree view about growth hacking, starting from what growth hacking is to why it is considered as one of the best options to gain rapid growth, growth hacking techniques, best practices and many more. He also shared his personal experience as a growth marketer as well as some of the key success stories on how organizations have propelled their businesses into the next level by deploying growth hacking techniques.

It was an insightful session where professionals of different industries and sectors participated and learned how “Growth Hacking” can be used as a creative and a cost-effective tool to recognize ways of acquiring customers, setting growth goals and milestones, fine-tuning strategies by continuously analyzing the business to see what’s working and to establish tools for measuring success.