24 Oct 2019

SYNC-UP COLOMBO October 2019

Content marketing is a powerful marketing strategy which helps to build trust with the audience, improve conversations around the brand and help generate quality leads. Nowadays, customers expect high-quality content consistently from their favourite brands. It helps them to understand the brand as well as the best uses of the given products. However, captivating audiences with the right content is one of the biggest challenges in marketing today.

SyncUp Colombo October 2019 Meetup was held on 24th October 2019, at APIDM premises and the topic discussed was “What Content works best for your audience”. The discussion was facilitated by Mr. Mustafa Kassim - Chief Executive Officer at Roar Global. As a veteran in content marketing, he shared tips and tricks on how to select the topics, the content formats that the audience is interested in, manner of aligning content formats with the given goals, determining what you want to convey through your piece of content and measuring the results to find out which content formats resonate best with your audience.

The session was very interesting and interactive. Multiple digital marketing professionals representing different corporate sectors, participated in the event where they shared their thoughts,experiences and challenges. Mr. Mustafa Kassim helped to clear their doubts and shared his wealth of knowledge by giving them the direction related to popular trends in content marketing such as storytelling, the best practices to formulate the best content marketing strategy and many more; in order to drive the highest customer engagement to generate leads and grow businesses.