23 Jan 2020

SYNC-UP COLOMBO January 2019

Digitalization grants access to new platforms for everyone to earn a decent income for themselves. Right now, digital content consumption is at its peak and YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for this. YouTube content creation and monetization is one of the best trending topics in Sri Lanka and a majority of the Sri Lankan YouTubers are constantly searching for better ways to create great content that works best with their audience. They also search for better storytelling techniques on YouTube, for tools they could use to grow their channel and ways to make money out of their creative content. With proper guidance, our Sri Lankan YouTubers can go beyond boundaries and reach the international stage with their unique content.

In order to strengthen the Sri Lankan YouTuber community with the knowledge and know-how of this highly trending platform, APIDM organized an insightful session on “YouTube Content Creation and Monetization” at the Sync Up Colombo during the January 2020 meet up, facilitated by Mr. Janeeth Rodrigo – the General Manager of Derana Digital TV and IDEAHELL. During the session, Mr. Rodrigo educated the participants on the importance of personal branding for their creative content, how YouTube monetization works and how to make money by producing YouTube videos. Further, he walked them through with some important guidelines to enhance one’s channel search as well as discovery potential on YouTube, in order to get better monetization.

It was a great learning opportunity for multiple Sri Lankan YouTubers and we would like to thank Pulse Media for the excellent coverage of the event. It was an interactive session where Mr.Rodrigo encouraged questions from the audience and helped to clear their doubts which were blocking them from propelling to their next stage. The participants provided us with excellent feedback stating that the session was an immense support for them to implement the best practices and benefit from YouTube content creation and monetization.