05 May 2020

Programmatic Advertising | Online Short Course

As the industry evolves and adapts to an ever-changing marketplace, programmatic advertising, an automated process of buying and selling of digital advertising, is growing in importance as it allows marketers and advertisers to make transactions efficient, consolidate all the digital advertising efforts in one technology platform and reach a large amount of people across the Internet through the power of retargeting.

APIDM successfully conducted a two-day free online short course on programmatic advertising in order to help marketing professionals who are interested in essentials and business implications of programmatic advertising. This short course was conducted by partnering with Eskimi DSP and facilitated by a panel consisted of three industry experts; Živilė Šimkutė - Head of Asia at Eskimi DSP, Siddhartho Sankar Roy - Senior Ad Operations Manager at Eskimi DSP and Milinda Tillekeratne - Founder of Digital Yoda. The programme primarily covered two topics - Fundamentals of Programmatic Marketing & Advance Programmatic Marketing.

It was a highly interactive programme conducted by APIDM that certainly helped marketing professionals to understand why and how they should seriously consider programmatic advertising as an option to buy more media with every dollar of media money, make ads more contextual and relevant and enable more data-driven automation.

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