27 Mar 2020

Webinar | Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation at Crisis Situations

The COVID-19 pandemic may have imposed social distancing, but in reality, we are only a mouse click away. The new situation around the world, seemingly provides a glimpse into how better we can connect with the world and tackle with our daily operations without a hassle. The digital drivers play a key role in making every interaction possible and this has allowed work from home arrangements, online education conducted by schools and universities, healthcare workers offering virtual consultations and many more. In light of this technology, multiple organizations are now striving to adopt digital tools to meet consumer demand, but in doing so they have to catch-up rather quickly. The companies which are comparatively agile in digitalizing their operations, have proven to be more successful during any crisis and the ones who do not adapt, will gradually face a downturn in their business, which could ultimately lead to a complete shut-down .

In order to shed some light into how we can come out this crisis situation stronger than before, we organized a webinar on “Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation at Crisis Situations”, on 27th March 2020, with the purpose of educating the Sri Lankan marketing and business community, on how they could withstand and improve their business operations amidst the global crisis. The webinar was hosted with the participation of the honorable resource panel: Mr. Wasantha Dharshana - Group Marketing & Communications Director of Kingsley Healthcare Group – UK, Mr. Asanka Niroshan - Financial Controller of Canthus Management Services Pvt Ltd and Mr. Amitha Amarasinghe – Chief Operating Officer of Ogilvy Digital Sri Lanka; where they shared their views and experiences on how we can turn the negativity caused by the crisis, into a perfect opportunity to fast-track digital transformation of businesses.

The webinar served as an eye opening session to multiple individuals in different business sectors including banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, education and many more. The discussion focused on how to introduce digitally-driven change into business organizations in order to survive as well as to thrive despite the global pandemic. Further, the resource panel shared their thoughts around building and enacting digitally driven practices which enables businesses to perform confidently during the crisis.

Webinar Recording: Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation at Crisis Situations

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