04 Dec 2019

Content Marketing Workshop With Emma Debeljak

Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing Successfully conducted a one-day workshop on Content Marketing on 4th December 2019 at the APIDM premises. The workshop was conducted by Emma Debeljak - Content Specialist at Digital Silk who has a wealth of experience in this field.

It was a wonderful session with about 45 working professionals representing leading corporates in Sri Lanka attending with hopes of enhancing their knowledge and expertise in content marketing and how they can utilize it to create a consistent voice for their brand across multiple channels.

Content marketing is at the heart of the most successful marketing campaigns and it has now become a necessity for any modern brand. If you pick any great brand, you may find a wealth of valuable and relevant content that really connects with the brand’s audience. This workshop helped the participants, particularly practicing marketing professionals in gaining a clear and comprehensive understanding of what content marketing is and how they can use it to better communicate with their customers across all channels to grow their business.

A wide range of topics were covered during the workshop, including content marketing and what it can do for your business, strategizing content marketing, writing for print versus writing for the web, SEO content writing and how to measure content marketing success, to name a few.

At the end, all the participants who successfully completed the workshop were awarded with a certificate of participation and we are glad that we received more than 90% positive feedback from the attendees as the knowledge they gained by attending the workshop could be practically applied in their work which would definitely help them to achieve more results.