Download Sri Lanka Digital Outlook 2021 Market Insight Report here.

Sri Lanka Digital Outlook 2021 Annual Report is Out!


Digital Outlook 2020 Report


This report is based on an island-wide survey done by the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital MarketingAPIDM Sri Lanka in November and December 2020.

Download your PDF copy of the report for FREE through the following link. Please feel free to use any of these findings in your presentations, blog posts, planning work, and simply give credit to the original source.

We live in an ever-evolving digital era where marketing continues to step-up its game in Sri Lanka. This has become evident especially with the modern consumerism where everyone is spending hours each day to stay connected to the online world, either actively or passively. Humans have become digital creatures now and they are heading fast towards online purchases and many other digital activities. Hence, it is of paramount importance that we identify and capture the behaviour aural trends of modern digital consumers, in order to improve their experience as well as the company bottom lines.

Sri Lanka Digital Outlook 2021 – Marketing Insight Survey Report is an annual publication of Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd (APIDM) which provides new information and insights on digital consumer behaviour in Sri Lanka. This helps the marketing and business professionals to uncover important digital consumer behavioural data and leverage on that information in order to plan and manage their campaigns better, so as to achieve their business goals.