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Google Analytics Bootcamp



What gets measured gets done. If you are spending money to drive traffic to your website, you must be 100% assured that the traffic that you are driving is the best quality. How would you know if a certain campaign performs better than the other, unless you measure the activities on your website?

Even if you are not in an eCommerce based business, analyzing visitor behavior to your website can give you valuable insights about your marketing campaigns. Analytics helps you to identify different segments of people who are interested in your products, their other affinities, their behaviors and their demographic. Isn’t this information helpful for you to better optimize your marketing communications?

This 8 hours bootcamp on Google Analytics designed by APIDM covers the basics of Google Analytics and will pave the way to fast-track making you an Analytics Pro.

Topics Covered

  • How to Get the Most Value from Analytics

  • Creating a Measurement Plan

  • How Google Analytics Works

  • Filtering & Segmenting

  • Learning about Your Audience

  • Analyzing Campaigns & Sources of Traffic

  • Understanding your Visitors’ Behaviour

  • Measuring Value using Conversion Reports, Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution Modelling

  • Designing proper Marketing Campaign Tagging

  • Customizing Reports & Dashboards

  • Exporting, Emailing & Sharing

  • What is Google Tag Manager?


  • A laptop or a tablet PC to follow the practical work during the course.

  • Preferably, access to a Google Analytics account of a website you manage.


15,000/- (Pay one week in advance and get a 3,000/- saving)

Next Boots Camp 25th September 2017

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