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Chamara Peiris

chamaraChamara currently working as a Web/E-Commerce Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist and a Growth Hacker.

Being in the IT/BPM industry for the past 13 years has placed Chamara in good stead in web/e-commerce strategies, digital marketing strategies, startups and growth hacking as well as gathering a wealth of experience in UX strategies, technical design and development, projects, business and operations management. Chamara has been involved in many web/e-commerce, digital and social media strategies for local, multinational and offshore businesses. Chamara has also successfully led teams to conceive, design and bring new ideas to life according to business and user needs.

Chamara had the rare and valuable opportunity of having co-founded 2 software consulting firms which catered to clients from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada and Latvia whilst he invariably continue to gather knowledge and expertise in IT/BPM industry which gives him great satisfaction.

In the past, Chamara had worked for companies like Lanka On-Line, Aranxa, ADSInfosys,, Calcey Technologies and