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Advanced-Diploma-in-Search-&-Display-MarketingSearch Marketing, as one of the key elements in the eMarketing communication mix, is playing a vital role in driving highly targeted visitors to a website. Search marketing roles have become highly demanded positions today in the digital marketing space mainly because of the expertise and skills required to plan and execute a successful search marketing campaign. Right balance of marketing skills, analytical skills and technical exposure is required to become a successful search marketer.

On the other hand online display advertising has evolved so rapidly as a tool of performance driven marketing over the last ten years. With latest targeting technologies available with display advertising platforms, marketers now can optimize their budgets to the maximum levels, cutting down wastages by precision targeting to the micro level niche audiences in real-time basis.

This Advanced Diploma in Search & Display Marketing Course introduced by the APIDM is expected to provide this required knowledge, skills and exposure with its carefully designed course content which is delivered through qualified and internally experienced facilitators.

Who should consider Following the Advanced Diploma in Search & Display Marketing course?

This course of recommended for following two segments.

  1. Those who have completed the Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing offered by APIDM.
  2. Those who have more than 3 years’ experience in Search Engine Marketing or Display Advertising.

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This course will be conducted as real class room sessions with practical assignments. Participants are expected to physically attend the class room sessions. Some of the lessons may be offered in the form of live webinars or recorded video lessons. This diploma course has up to 30 hours of lessons. An online forum will be created for students to discuss knowledge and interact with the resource persons after the class room sessions.
At the end of the course, an examination will be held and this exam will consist of up to 70 multiple choice questions and 3 open ended questions. Those who successfully complete this exam with required pass marks (70%) will be awarded with the Advanced Diploma in Search & Display Marketing.